About BabyZest

BabyZest was founded in San Francisco in 2010 as an alternative to pre-packaged and overly processed baby food that has multiple months of shelf life. Our goal was simple: to provide highly nutritious, great tasting baby and toddler food with a short shelf life and clean ingredients. We wanted the youngest of eaters to enjoy whole fruits and vegetables as they were intended to be eaten—with zero to minimal processing.


When preparing our BabyZest creations for young palates, we never cook any fruits or vegetables that can be eaten raw. For ingredients that must be cooked we steam or roast our fresh produce and incorporate the water used to capture as many nutrients as possible. We do not add sugar or sodium (for children under one year old, and only use a miniscule amount for those older than one). Fresh herbs and mild spices like cinnamon and thyme offer rich flavor combinations in our offerings.


Our fresh foods have a shelf life of three to four days (refrigerated). However, understanding our customers’ demands for convenience, we also offer a line of flash-frozen foods packaged in one-ounce portions that can be mixed and matched to suit your child's preferences.


We limit our carbon footprint and support our local farmers and producers. Our packaging is reusable. We are committed to making it a fun and exciting time to introduce healthy food to babies and toddlers.



About Our Chef

Born and raised in Argentina, Linda Edson spent much of her youth living on a farm. It was a simple way of life that included picking fruits and nuts from the abundance of bearing trees, gathering fresh vegetables, fetching milk and eggs, and baking bread in a clay oven. Linda’s mother placed a premium on nutrition and provided her family with a diet that was high in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables and low in sugar and processed foods. Linda’s grandparents’ lives also were tied to the land, as they owned vineyards and produced wine in Bordeaux, France.


Linda’s love for food brought her to San Francisco, where she attended the California Culinary Academy (CCA). After graduating from CCA, she put her skills to good use working in New York, NY, Kansas City, MO, and Yountville, CA before returning to San Francisco.


After giving birth to her daughter in 2010, Linda realized quickly there were few options for fresh, healthy baby food. Compelled by the challenge, Linda set out to provide options that she was willing to serve to her own baby.